Pool Maintenance

(Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly)

  • Vacuum pool
  • Balance pool chemistry - make sure water is clear, blue, and healthy
  • ​Clean apron

Pool Openings

  • Remove, dry, fold, and store cover
  • Install ladders
  • Add water as needed
  • Remove all plugs from lines 
  • Check pump 
  • Install filter plug and all strainers
  • Set valve position to filter and start
  • Check for leaks
  • Vacuum algae while filter position is to waste
  • Balance pH
  • Balance alkalinity
  • Add chlorine and shock as needed to kill algae
  • Run filter to disperse chemicals
  • After 4 hours, turn off filter and let dead algae settle on bottom
  • Vacuum pool to waste (after 1 night)
  • Add more shock as needed
  • Sweep pool apron


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Cuddy Associates


What We Do

Additional Services


  • Clean dirty, algae laden pools before a big event
  • Make sure all systems are working properly
  • Repair and/or replace pool pumps
  • Change filter sand as needed
  • Fix filter valves (especially ​when they become hard to turn)
  • Paint pool
  • ​Check for leaks
  • Replace pool filter​
  • Replace pool liner