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Cuddy Associates Pool Maintenance

What Makes Us Unique

We believe no matter how algae laden, unused, dirty or in need of repair your pool may be, it can still always be cleaned and refinished to be a joy and a source of pride for the whole family once again!

Cuddy Associates Pool Maintenance will look over your pool at no cost and give you a list of items that need attention, and an affordable rate to make the pool that welcoming clean blue color that it once was!

Our company owner has a background as an environmental chemist, so he knows what it takes to get the water clean and bacteria-free and how to make sure the pool doesn't delve back into a dirty or unclear state. 

Cuddy Associates Pool Maintenance can turn most pools from algae laden green to clear blue overnight. All that is left thereafter is vacuuming up dead algae.

Did you know that it is not the amount of shock, chlorine nor algaecide that really matters? Free chlorine only exists in a small pH range. If you are out of that range the chlorine is tied up in a complex. Before adding chlorine check and adjust the pH balance accurately.

Maintenance & Water 

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Cuddy Associates Pool Maintenance

We Can can make your  pool a thing of joy for the entire summer